Jacks BQuick Heartbreaker - - National Champion in 2005, 2006, 2008, and 2009! Reserve Champion in 2002
14.25" Tri Rough, Born 1/24/2002

Jacks BQuick Zeus x Cricket

By far the best racer here at JBQ, Heartbreaker has really had some incredible races. This little girl is amazing ... and her name fits her so well. We almost named her Heartattack sitting in a Hardee's drive-thru. Now she puts opposing Jack Russell owners in cardiac arrest with her lighting finishes and come from behind wins. Nearly unbeatable on the hurdles this tall and skinny girl stretches for the finish when it gets close. Thankfully, very few races are close when she gets on the track.

Jacks BQuick Princess - National Champion (13" tri smooth)

Jacks BQuick Zeus x Jacks BQuick Gia

Princess is one tough girl. She won National Puppy Racing Champion in 2003 just two weeks after breaking one of her toes. She is always stirring up trouble in the kennel. She is usually the one that gets all the dogs barking. But we don’t mind because she has one of the biggest hearts in the whole building.

Jacks BQuick Gia - Racing Multi-Champion 13.75" B/W Smooth, Born 3/6/1999

Foxy Man x Torie

Gia is a special jack, and the most loyal we own. For her, the sun rises and sets on Travis. She is his baby. We brought her home from an abusive home and literally changed her life. A lot of love, understanding, and knowledge of how dogs think made a big difference with her. About 1 or 2 months after we brought her home she showed amazing improvements.

Gia passed away in January 2010 - we will greatly miss her.

Jacks BQuick Dip - Racing Multi-Champion 13.5" Tri Smooth, Born 6/18/2001

Jacks BQuick Zeus x. Cricket

Dip wasn't picked to be a racer, in fact Jennifer picked her out as a pet. But today, she is one of the best racers we have at JBQ. Once she learned to fetch it seemed the next obvious step would be to teach her to race.

Jacks BQuick Memphis - Racing Multi-Champion 13.5" Tri Smooth

Jacks BQuick Zeus x. Jacks BQuick Grace

Memphis is one of the best pure runners we have ever had at JBQ. He won more championships at 1 year of age than any other dog we know of. The day before Nationals he ate a pile of acorns and was so sick the rest of the weekend he couldn't run. An up and coming stud dog at JBQ.

Jacks BQuick Biggins - Racing Multi-Champion Born 1/11/2005

Jacks BQuick Memphis x. Jacks BQuick Gia

We are waiting to see the potential this "little" guy holds. Check back to watch his progress.